Wanda childe Wang Sicong repo wanda.com domain behind the event marketing

A5 (admin5.com) station network September 2nd news, the domain name wanda.com has been Wanda son Wang Sicong repo, from September 1st deadline, wanda.com still maintains the status quo jump to Wang Sicong micro-blog home, always self styled "low-key Red Net Wang" national husband Wang Sicong, is "low-key" jump to the micro-blog home page by wanda.com the event marketing success show to the world: the twists and turns of wanda.com finally welcomed the income under the command of

, Wanda!

real price for wanda.com transactions behind, both parties have not been revealed, as for news about ten million yuan repurchase but also is a kind of speculation and Teng million to match, but no matter how the real situation of the domain name transaction (original owner Xu Xianming earn some big, or national husband Wang Sicong show "China first rich the two generation" charm, the domain name) cheap repo transactions are a sensible and long-term investment strategy of the original holders and Wanda electricity supplier.


domain name wanda.com has no market price "gamble" investors scarce

According to

China renamed Whois information wanda.com, registered in December 1998, once had a small flash held by investors in Xiamen, 2013 high hands Xu Xianming, then jump to the domain had o’fei network ofpay.com and kilometer network qianmi.com (using the wanda.com domain jump marketing strategy is obviously more than Wanda one childe love) in September 1st this year, the news wanda.com, have to jump to Wanda son micro-blog home page, which is representative of many years of wandering wanda.com finally belonged to the main


2013 December, Wanda Group Wan ibusiness on-line business website wanhui.cn, Wanda Group of wanda.com cold attitude clearly let the domain name investors were disappointed. For it is difficult to replace the "Wanda" brand name, wanda.com seems destined to be is Wanda capsule thing, this is doomed to the fate of the huge domain name transaction determines the domain name investors are scarce, while the wanda.com market is also very limited, Wanda Group decided to hold the final position of the identity of the wanda.com there are only two: one is the Wanda Group itself, has at least two is on an equal footing with the Wanda Group Business (such identity market is also rare).

it is understood that Xu Xianming and Wang Sicong did not by any third party intermediary directly a domain name transaction, Wang Sicong first find Xu Xianming? Then we estimate the wanda.com must have a heavy return! This heavy return must also and Teng million (Tencent, Baidu, Wanda) jointly funded Wanda electricity supplier closely the new electricity supplier, has said the person in charge of the protection of the "domain" is probably to wanda.com. Or, it’s Xu Xianming who’s looking for the king

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