China’s 6 major categories of SNS community

      in 2008, the SNS community just unfolding on the Internet, various types of SNS blossom everywhere. SNS community model continues to mature, some owners of such SNS community also began to gain a foothold, show style. At present, there are more characteristics of the main categories of SNS community:


2008, Comsenz’s social network software UCenter Home, let SNS become everyone can build a platform, it has so many owners to easily build a relationship with friends as the core communication network. UCenter official site convergence of the majority of the population should be a personal webmaster. The webmaster here not only experience at any time to the latest development of UCenter Home, and relying on the continuous improvement of the program to achieve a more convenient and pleasant exchange.

                colleagues recorded

is the world famous station colleagues Changye technology website TechWeb’s SNS brand. Here brings together a lot of IT technology elite, including logs, reviews, games and workplace applications. Colleagues recorded the predecessor of TechWeb colleagues recorded using home two domain name. In September 19th, home and colleagues transferred to the new server, at the same time, the opening of a new top-level domain, and then change the LOGO, colleagues could not see the surface traces of TechWeb, which is TechWeb strengthen reflects the brand molded. Due to the strong influence of TechWeb in the industry, colleagues recorded user communication is extremely active. Colleagues in QQ group icon almost uninterrupted flashing, every day at 0 in the morning still has a large number of users with a new day to seize the "mood index" sofa.

              fast canonical space

( )The

and GJJ (cut chicken) also suffered the webmaster witty banter KDD (cut brother) fast allusion net is another big senior webmaster Guo Jijun. Guo Jijun was closed for more than a year to create the most people think there is no profit pattern language tool website, the day before and launched the SNS community. Rely on their own network of resources over the years, Guo Hao wide invited friends, this SNS in just 10 days, the number of registered actually reached thousands of people. Since Guo Jijun in the webmaster circle of communication is very wide, so this station is more of a collection of webmaster group, Admin5 "map king" and "

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