After the on-site service O2O mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore road in where

has been established for a year and a half of Jingdong home in February 10th closed a number of home economics, freight, massage and other O2O home service, instead focused on helping users achieve fresh direct mission. In the recently published AI media consulting "2016-2017 Chinese O2O Market Development Research Report" in a long "2016 Chinese new O2O venture company closed list, continue to tell a sad atmosphere after the development of the industry O2O myth. Now after the O2O service in the future come mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, where is the way? This article from the Beijing morning news reporter Yang Lin.

capital "behind the false spoil things by excessive enthusiasm"

in fact, from the beginning of 2015, a huge loss of business, financing failure, funding strand breaks and other nightmares will continue to destroy a public O2O practitioners, unreasonable high subsidies are generally considered to be the source of the nightmare.


subsidies is a way to cultivate habits of users, but also mislead the venture to a great extent, the user can not see this is the real needs of users or pseudo demand, do not know what users are directed to the real or your subsidies directed to the product demand. Therefore, we have been advised in the stage from 0 to 1 as far as possible not to use special marketing tools, the most important thing is to verify your product in the end there is no market and user needs." Dark horse fund management partner Hu Xiang to the Beijing morning news reporter.

but the market reality is that before the business model has not successfully established, a rapid increase of users with the burn subsidies, thereby pushing up valuations, became a trend of the business circle". Teng shares venture founding partner Sun Jianheng morning news reporter, said Beijing, behind a large part of the reason is that entrepreneurs and capital impetuous.

"we think the first two years of the field of venture capital is not normal, the valuation principle is the number of users, the user is much higher than the valuation, according to the actual value of the valid user, create to set itself a logic error. The valuation of increasingly large scale, more and more users but always burn, unable to generate positive cash flow, the logic is wrong. Anything is to follow the law of the core of the development of the industry, some things are too capital power, is to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm." Sun Jianheng said.

winner’s closed loop profit strategy

with the pseudo demand bubble has been broken, the removal of subsidies after the user is willing to pay almost become the industry’s only need to judge the pseudo standard and demand.

had unlimited home car wash business, with the e car wash, I love the car wash, car washing and other business failures, was also considered a pseudo demand. After a brutal market baptism, a car have become almost the only winner.

"although the industry of home wash there are still many questions, but we think it has a very rigid demand, fuel-efficient and save time, will let users feel.

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