China’s nternet black market analysis false means of operation

although the mainstream Internet circle "challenge" has become a story, sing a song, the votes, than the yen value, posters, the show moves farce, but not to say that Wu Yi has lost in the Internet market quickly realized the requirements and purpose driven, some Wushi and Wu Yi toward the other extreme the direction of development……

what is false operation

false operation, is simply to give Internet users create an illusion, and the illusion by using some network rules and mental skills, let us difficult to identify, in order to make a profit for gospel truth.

if the reality of social comparison, we may encounter some of the masses of employment to the sales offices all look very hot, will meet to buy things when asked, or have their own auction price. However, due to the cost of the problem and the experience of the construction of false environment, so in the real world is not much, but on the Internet is a completely different situation.

The special

Chinese society, let the traditional people trust gradually weaken, but at the same time the Internet has on the performance of the opposite: Overall, the equivalence of information products and the corresponding concept of anti traditional social user experience, from direct communication to avoid more loss of trust, better visual experience trust bonus and stronger social attributes let Internet enjoy and offline transactions in society.

we can see from the survey results, although the Internet is flooded with a large number of public opinion to attack each other and doubt the argument, but only a few groups, more than 90% of Internet users still feel that the Internet only false information within 30%.


this bonus, coupled with the network is just a summary of the abstract data and information, to create a false atmosphere of the environment is extremely low cost, to bring a great deal of false space.

to give the most simple means of false operation, is the brush of the Taobao business, by way of a single brush so that customers feel their business or a single product hot, resulting in herd mentality consumption. But Taobao brush is only one of the most simple example of false means of operation. In recent years, the false operation into the mainstream of the Internet operators in the world, such as you visit micro-blog, will find the zombie fans, some zombie fans will automatically access a casual comment; recruitment website, is flooded with fake and false search position, send a message to you a message, but have to pay to join the member to be able to see the message of marriage; the site there are some beautiful girl, but it could not find registered members; any app friends see people in the vicinity, there are a lot of beauty, even if you are in the deep mountains and forests deserts; just on the line 3 days to get to the P2P website, millions of users, etc..

but for the false operation on the black market, the above is a pediatrician completely ridiculous, black market virtual operating mode already in more than ten years "in.

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