Ma Yun innovation is not to defeat opponents but to compete with tomorrow

co sponsored by Tsinghua University and the State Council Development Research Center, Tsinghua innovation forum was held in Tsinghua Science and Technology Park in April 19, 2011. Pictured Alibaba Chairman Jack ma. (photo: Sina Finance Liang Bin photo)


sina science and technology news on April 20th morning news, chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of Alibaba yesterday to attend Tsinghua innovation forum, said the enterprise innovation is not to defeat the opponent, but to compete with tomorrow. Turning to the issue of Wei Zhe, Ma said he just assumed due responsibility, there is no interest distribution, internal struggle and other complex reasons.

"I don’t believe there is a first-class talent, I believe that only with first-class efforts", MA in Tsinghua Innovation Forum said that knowledge can be taught, but wisdom is the inspiration, wake up, this is the great innovation challenges faced by education. Tsinghua Innovation Forum jointly organized by the Tsinghua University and the State Council Development Research center.

for business innovation, Ma Yun believes that innovation is not to defeat the opponent, not for the greater name, but for the community, customers, tomorrow. Innovation is not to compete with rivals, but to compete with tomorrow, Ma said, the real innovation must be based on a sense of mission, so as to be able to carry out lasting.

the topic extends to the enterprise, Ma Ali Ababa once again stressed the values that do their own principles. He said, "everything can be discussed on the basis of this principle, and there is nothing to say about it".

talked about the departure of Wei Zhe Ma said, this is just the responsibility of Wei Zhe bear, and there is no online distribution of benefits, internal struggle, which is so complicated". He further stressed that the integrity of the Alibaba is not a concept of value, but the common values of mankind, who violates who assume responsibility".

In addition,

also wrote a letter to lend his son 18 years old, explains his understanding of talent. The first is to have an independent judgment, followed by optimism, third is telling the truth. "These three basic requirements can be done by anyone," Ma also added, "he must be a bit strange, so leaders should be tolerant". (Shu Shi)

The following is the main content of the speech

Ma record:

Ma Yun: Dear Chairman, Secretary Chu, President Gu, leaders, colleagues, very honored, never thought he would attend the centennial celebration of Tsinghua, had big dreams and want to go to Tsinghua University, is also a great mission, want to make a contribution for the country, but the lack of innovation means not admitted to tsinghua. With the opening of a bit different, open to find is a first-class talent, I am not a first-class talent, but I’m not four class talents, there must be a useful, I feel more and more reasonable, you want to find our own way there must be a way, I don’t believe in first-class talented people, I only believe in first-class efforts. Some people meet more, eat more fat, I just the opposite. I eat with people

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