The daily topic of former employees of Alipay selling user information security responsibilities

station network ( January 6th news, last week reported a "Alipay ghost selling user information was arrested, a message immediately attracted the attention of users of information security. Then Alipay also issued a response.

"Economic Observer" reported by the Zhang Jian, Li Ming (sound) pull. The technical staff Li Ming Department of Alibaba owned Alipay, which will use the work in 2010, several times in the company background download Alipay user data, data content over 20G. Li Minghuo with two associates, and then the user information sold to the electricity supplier companies, data companies. The Alibaba integrity department found out, download the Alipay user data or acts of Li Ming, and in Hangzhou. The police in the city of Hangzhou Tsui police station as the main body, the four will be controlled. The first suspect Zhang Jian gang Li Ming Department of customers ", the price of 500 yuan, purchased 30 thousand Alipay user information from Li Mingchu.

Li Ming

download the Alipay user information, together with the two Alibaba system IT outside the industry, common user data to analyze, refine, and sold to the target customers. According to one was released on bail after Li Ming have been in contact with their sources, the Li Ming team of the police admitted that Alipay user information is the team repeatedly sell to the number of the electricity supplier companies, company data, and to obtain economic benefits, the largest buyers of VANCL, the company had a one-time purchase of Alipay user information 10 million a.

in this regard, Alipay responded, according to a former employee Lee readme, its sales data for 2010 before without password, do not contain the core identity information part of the non sensitive transactions, does not involve user privacy and security. "We have been dealing with sensitive data such as ID card, card number, password, etc. all of the advanced encryption technology, whether before or after the event, no one can access." Alipay said.

in fact, this is not the first time Alipay leaked information security problems. In December 2011 of the large-scale website user information leak, Alipay was traced to a similar incident. In recent years, the problem of leakage of user information has emerged.

this, a large electricity supplier market department official said, a second tier electricity supplier companies have their own perfect user database, do not need to buy outside. On the contrary, they also need to strictly monitor the data to prevent data leakage to the black transaction chain. Medium and small electricity providers will be able to buy the phone and e-mail, information push." Lin Han, director of the China Electronics Association to promote the development of information technology center, said that some of these information by personal trafficking, while others are the company’s operation. In general, the private sale price is lower, and the operation of the company, the general information mining and packaging two times, the price is more expensive. It is reported that this kind of information industry, and some even take the company’s operation, from the Internet to buy >

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