The first WeChat marketing case solved 17 MLM gang was destroyed

recently in a number of places in the country, a man claiming to be a master of hypnosis mysterious figures held a number of WeChat marketing promotion conference: called free lectures, but wantonly for the master’s series of courses. At present, the Nanjing police have identified the nature of its pyramid scheme, the main members of the organization has been under criminal detention – this is the first case of a new type of WeChat MLM case cracked in Nanjing.

special correspondent Yang Weibin Modern Express reporter Sun Yuchun

micro letter to invite you to a seminar on "


March 10th, modern express reporter had received such a message: "you Chen × × the teacher 100 lecture tour – thousands of" millionaire and billionaire WeChat marketing business model "seminar, the NanJing Railway Station grand opening soon. Time, March 10-12, Nanjing, a hotel." Information said, completely free to participate."

participants to pay margin, clothing costs

a participant revealed that the meeting organizers initially agreed that each participant will need to pay 50 yuan deposit, the afternoon of 12 to 5 points will be refunded. Participants said Mr. Lee, who participated in the majority of girls, the venue area is not too large, participants are estimated to have two or three people. The afternoon and let you pay one hundred yuan to buy Uniforms, participants were divided into several groups, that is PK.

meeting also allows you to invite WeChat friends

Mr. Lee said that the staff of the scene is that we blindly forward information and friends. At the seminar, the organizers asked each participant to send mass information, invite friends to participate in WeChat. "Some will not be issued, a special assistant will help you hair. If you agree to participate, to reply to the information, stating their names, units and duties."

you hypnosis and then cheat you buy agent

speaker Chen, known as Asia’s chief hypnotist, "when he came in, we have great pomp, qianhuhouyong. Lee said that in the evening, the master let more than and 10 students go up, perform hypnosis, talk about some of the energy and the like, a lot of people really stand asleep. Mr. Li didn’t leave until 12 in the evening, and a couple of girls who were hypnotized didn’t go back until about three or four a.m.. Later asked that they finally spent thousands of dollars to buy the so-called agent".

police say

this is a new WeChat MLM

Modern Express reporter from Nanjing Xuanwu police was informed that the police have been out of the workshop’s true colors: the symposium is a company in the operation, the speaker Chen to promote the so-called "WeChat marketing" business model, said that as long as a month, you can profit one million yuan. At the meeting site, the police found a "contract agent", stated above, the agency has 6 levels, the entry-level pay 59 thousand and 800 yuan, 3 million yuan for the provincial agency. On the spot can get 25% of the Commission, the provincial agent >

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