Drops, China will eventually usher in the battle of the online battle

online car rental is not a new market, but with the drop of admission, the market has emerged many new variables. August 22nd, the official confirmation of drops of travel, its car rental business was started in Shanghai in July to test the operation, some users have been able to experience the car provided by the car drops. According to the plan, the second half of this year to the first half of next year will be gradually extended to the country more than a second tier cities.


drops travel again layout


drops into the field of car rental, China auto rental chairman Lu Zhengyao in the circle of friends issued a comment: "I heard that someone is going to do the car, feeling a little silly! But you can also understand, the introduction of new car, train ride, difficult to continue burn mode, C2C car model of bankruptcy, the story also went for the capital, we must find a new jiumingcao! But we tell you that similar patterns of Ctrip and other companies had been around for many years, what is the result?"



seems to be rampant, and liuzhengyao view is Its loopholes appeared one after another. The car after the introduction of the new deal, with drops as the representative of the car model did not bankrupt, but the regulators approved development ushered in the spring. On the model, if the new deal allows only Shenzhou car model, which is in fact there is no essential difference between the traditional taxi, can not achieve the use of idle resources and social control of city traffic to ease traffic pressure on the legislative purpose. The car is new for the "new", in fact, is mainly reflected in the economic model to encourage car sharing this C2C.

and drops into the field of online car rental, can really say to the capital market, a better story, get a higher valuation, but its significance is not the case. First of all, the car rental market behind the travel market presents great potential, I believe that any one and travel related platform, is a market that can not be ignored.

official data show that Chinese car driver has exceeded 200 million, the number of a driver’s license is about 3 times the car people, stimulate the increasingly large car demand and limit line purchase policy factors such as contrast, car rental in the domestic popularity can be predicted. Investment advisor in "investment analysis and forecast China car rental industry 2016-2020 report" is expected in 2016 China’s car rental industry market size will reach 54 billion 400 million yuan, the next five years (2016-2020) compound annual growth rate of about 21.07% in 2020, the car rental industry market size will reach 116 billion 800 million yuan.

another perspective, the incubation is actually an important part of the online car platform strategy drops. Data show that after four years of development, currently has more than 15 million drivers and 300 million registered users add drops of community, and successfully build a ecological circle of people, vehicles, traffic and life style interoperability, open and sharing. It has a huge number of users and streams in the travel market

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