Taobao alliance 3 million website open a new business layout

free to open any web site, you can buy things.

Taobao alliance recently launched. In addition to the page on Internet advertising integration platform, Taobao will provide the alliance website customization marketing strategy, let those who exist in the form of advertising website e-commerce applications, Taobao became the massive commodity sales channels, eventually become between the open all sites and advertisers marketing platform.

Taobao is expected this year, is expected to bring up to 1 billion yuan for each union website revenue sharing.

e-commerce expert Jing Linbo told the China economic times, the move will be Taobao partners to provide a new business layout.

300 website

CNNIC (Chinese Internet Information Center) survey report released in January 2010 shows that China now has 3 million sites, most of which are small and medium-sized websites, these sites profit model mainly from online advertising. With Google out of China, many small and medium sites into confusion.


website alliance from 2002 has been 8 years, but the traditional advertising mainly adopts hard advertising model, advertising more natural to affect the user experience, so webmaster have to wander between user experience and profitability. So the formation of a vicious path of development: site services to enhance the flow of increasing – to join the pursuit of advertising profits – affect the user experience – traffic decline. For the traditional alliance, advertisers resources is the bottleneck restricting its development, there is no upstream advertisers, downstream traffic can not be realized, there will be no revenue owners.

"Taobao alliance" of the move, in addition to the traditional advertising model, with more depth and the content of the website and Taobao product combination, cooperation, cooperation to help the site to establish a mall, the implantable API cooperation.

actually, some time ago, Taobao alliance "of the" blue whale "has quietly open beta. Compared with the traditional network advertisement, "blue whale plan" to take a variety of forms of cooperation, the integration of Taobao train, sell the, brand advertising, diamond booth and other advertising models, allowing small owners to choose according to their own needs free combination, to maximize revenue alliance website.

A part of

‘s "blue whale plan" is "Taobao alliance".

for the habit of advertising forms of the site, you can choose the form of advertising alliance. For vertical professional site, such as digital, cosmetics, women, outdoor and other sites, in addition to advertising can be used in the form, but also can customize the recommended products, choose the most suitable for their own site goods. For new sites, such as SNS, micro-blog, shopping station, local portal, if not satisfied with the existing forms of cooperation, can use the API interface (Taobao to provide the basic data, such as goods, shops etc.), site customized according to their own requirements.


"a web site with a PV of 500 thousand per day, the same ad, same bit >

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