From the shoe shoes to understand what the customer viscosity

with the development of electronic commerce, the new shopping model also appears more and more, a model of the key is not successful, can not get the favor of consumers, so to develop new customers, on the other hand to retain old customers, old customers can go to if the publicity for your website, certainly better than their own money to promote effectively, so a part of the customer viscosity is also very important.

recently, Alibaba’s Taobao and Hunan TV reached a strategic cooperation, the investment of 100 million yuan jointly set up a joint venture with the media, Hunan happy Taobao Culture Communication Co., ltd.". Joint venture will integrate the advantages of both Hunan satellite TV and Taobao resources, a special preparation for a television program – Golden Mango channel, to create and online shopping related television programs and television drama. And set up in the Taobao online shopping channels and external independent website, create a new business model of e-commerce combined with television media.

Hunan TV ratings and visibility, is undoubtedly the most perfect combination, to create the "Golden Mango channel" is their common transformation, choose a new development model, has attracted the attention of more and more people. The investment benefit is, because these a few years since B2C’s strong rise, was not small, the transformation of the development of a new model to attract consumers, will undoubtedly become the necessary choice of Taobao. In cooperation with Hunan satellite TV, not only do the successful transformation but also for to do publicity, and not because of the "fake" Taobao before the event of losing customers, but to attract more new customers, this is enough, greatly improve customer viscosity.

is making shoes footwear B2C website, selling genuine brand shoes, is not the necessities of life, do not run out of time, if you often buy shoes on a web site, will produce the viscosity on the site, in order to attract customers, it is a good choice for online shopping, like friends can order the shoes in the online mall, very attractive. This can not only conduct propaganda of making shoes, even to let the consumer word of mouth effect on the development of new customers and old customers to increase the viscosity is very helpful, for entrepreneurs, want to shop to operate, cost and investment risk is relatively small, but should be a good choice for your business model is a good model to obtain customer viscosity.

in short, no matter what mode, for consumers, quality and low price is the most important thing, to manage their own products and services, is the fundamental victory.

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