YouTube began to block the advertising shield plugin if used on the wrong

Adblock Plus users find error pages Sina Technology News Beijing time on March 14th morning news, recently, some advertising shield plug-in Adblock Plus users found in the visit YouTube website will see this message: "error, please try again later."

this error message will only appear during the advertising play, which means that the Adblock Plus is still technically shielded advertising. However, the ad shield plugin will remove the ad altogether. For banner ads, this means that the original ad on the page becomes content. For video advertising, which means that the video will skip the ad to play directly. Over the past few years, Adblock has been able to successfully remove YouTube ads, but since last week, the situation seems to have changed.

U.S. technology blog VentureBeat performed tests show that this problem only appears in the Chrome version of Adblock Plus, while Firefox plugin version can still work normally. However, there are some people report that the problem appears in all browsers. In addition, this problem seems to affect only part of the Google account, so there are users by changing the account method to avoid such errors.

Williams, director of operations at

Adblock · Plus (Ben Williams), said: we are concerned about where the problem lies. Now it seems that the problem is in the YouTube side. Let’s look forward to a quick solution."

at the same time, Adblock Plus discussion version and Reddit users have found a temporary solution. To avoid errors, the user can uncheck all the options in the Google Ads settings and install the IBA Ope-Out plugin.

this is the latest conflict between advertisers and users, as well as advertising shielding software, but also shows that many users expect completely ad free web experience. It is not clear whether this is due to the fact that YouTube is testing new technologies for anti – advertising screening, or because of some technical failures.

YouTube has yet to comment.

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