Luxury brands and Taobao signed a memorandum to crackdown on the nternet


Chinese market continues to expand, luxury brands announced at the start of online fraud.

Coach has just completed the American luxury goods listed in Hongkong, this week announced the fraud phenomenon of "zero tolerance", has been with (micro-blog) signed a memorandum of cooperation, sales of counterfeit goods to prevent Coach in the Taobao online, to address the counterfeiters and unauthorized use of the Internet sales channel sales of commodity Coach online issue.

Coach international retail business President Victor Luis said the brand has a firm foothold in the Chinese market. Since 2009, China’s mainland, Hongkong and Macao retail business, all of China’s Coach retail stores are directly operated by the company. The rise of China’s e-commerce, counterfeit goods on the market will also appear, is harming the interests of Coach brands, consumers and industry parties.

according to the memorandum of cooperation, the two sides will strictly monitor and delete counterfeit goods on the shelves. Coach said, and linkage will reach the highest standards of the fake online shopping industry, the staff will carpet of fake online investigation, while Taobao Coach on the fake and shoddy goods ordered off the shelf. There are legal teams involved in tracking and blocking.

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