WeChat public to the original article accused the plaintiff asked WeChat to board an apology in the


WeChat public number to the original article accused infringement

text, figure / reporter Zhang Xiangyu

correspondent Liu Xiangxia

WeChat is one of the most popular from the media platform. WeChat world, in addition to a large number of individual WeChat, but also includes a number of individuals, from the media alliance, institutional media, corporate operations WeChat public number. The rapid growth of the number of WeChat public, the release of all kinds of information, many of whom reproduced other original works and newspapers and other media published works. WeChat public reprint other people’s original works copyright infringement?

hearing yesterday, Zhongshan’s first WeChat infringement case, a technology company in Zhongshan, the local public think WeChat is another company without permission of its original works, violated its copyright, demanded an apology and claims 1 yuan. Yesterday, because the defendant did not appear in court, the court did not organize the debate and mediation, the judge adjourned the trial.

sued WeChat infringement claims 1 yuan

the Zhongshan provider housing network technology company said in the complaint, the Tencent has been the official certification of the Zhongshan commercial housing network "WeChat public, of all people, push lifestyle, dining and entertainment information to users through the WeChat public micro signal, the WeChat public number by the majority of users of WeChat’s attention. The Zhongshan storm technology companies without their consent, without authorization shall not be reproduced Zhongshan housing network providers indicated slightly modified after the original works published in the tide of Zhongshan WeChat public number, and did not indicate authorship, according to the statistics of the tide of Zhongshan WeChat public in February 2, 2014 to April 17th period, repeatedly without permission to copy, do not sign reproduced in the form of "Zhongshan commercial housing network articles were up to 14 times of the infringement, including three articles for the" Zhongshan commercial housing network of the original article.

plaintiffs also said the defendant also to WeChat users to push customized advertising, and in accordance with the number of online users or the number of customers to collect customers WeChat promotional fees for profit.

the Zhongshan provider housing network technology company believes it has the right to publish in "Zhongshan commercial housing network" WeChat public platform for original works, requiring the defendant in the tide of Zhongshan WeChat public platform and newspaper media registration statement of apology and compensation for the loss of 1 yuan.



did not respond to the judge adjourned the trial

yesterday’s trial, the plaintiff attorney by the court to participate in the proceedings, the defendant did not appear in the court. The plaintiff’s attorney in court, the plaintiff involved three written works have made copyright statement, and mark may not be reproduced without their consent, the defendant without their consent, the original release and make only superficial changes has violated the plaintiff’s right of authorship, the right of information network dissemination and other works in the WeChat number of public rights.

plaintiff lawyers also said that the storm before the Zhongshan science and technology company had sent to the Zhongshan commercial housing network staff text messages, saying that want to reprint articles involved, the staff was clear

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