When can China get rid of the rope

      the time I do not long, college friends and co hosted a hacker sites, developed 1 years off. For many reasons, this is not elaborate later because of the obsession game, bid farewell to the webmaster of this title for 2 years, until graduation after work, and then as a webmaster, mainly because of personal interests, did not think too much. After more than 1 years of experience, I feel that China is currently doing a hard job. The site, there are amateur and professional, I think most domestic webmaster are amateur, there will be the main occupation person to maintain themselves and their family life plans, because I want to, personal webmaster full of thorns on the road of development of a successful web site. In order to allow the site to gather popularity, webmasters need to learn to optimize the site, so that the body of a more than a rope: search engine. We have to rely on it, because it will bring traffic to the site, therefore, we have observed daily search volume and exhaust all the skills, the natural search engine brings the position, daily on the website of the key adjustment, or use mass software keyword mass work, but also do the useless "Links", these are to search look at the engine, in fact, has no other significance.

      Baidu and GOOGLE right down to the webmaster is unfortunate, but most webmaster for their website has a large number of the number included in the search engine and the flow of the crowd, pleased with oneself, hurried, hurried to go. We just want them to click on our ad once in a while. There is no communication between the visitors and the webmaster.

      as we all know, the early Internet users know the hao123 site, and after my observation, the current side of the friends, there are still a lot of people in the use of it. So Baidu acquired hao123. On the Internet, can bring traffic to the site, in addition to search engines, hao123 and so on the site directory what? Search engine is too cow, they control the Internet information channel, so also control the Internet webmaster. I hope that the experience of a friend can look at, since 2005, the successful development of domestic and foreign websites, how many rely on search engine success? At least now I am disappointed, rely on search engines, agents can flow is not false, but for the long-term development of the site itself, there is much significance?

      on site during I and other owners, to the Internet to find the development of Web site, search engine optimization techniques, to go behind from the beginning, later collected articles, write their own typing, then scan books, buy books at a later split scan with Hanvon recognition, in order to the content of the website can get better, in order to retain visitors, setting up a series of privileges, let them as much as possible to browse the site more pages…… but people are very stingy. I’m no >.

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