BAT abandoned the traditional group purchase what is the key takeaway beachhead layout Distribution!

Abstract: BAT this year aimed at the local life O2O market. Local business segments of the business – take out, become the position of contention for BAT. For BAT, online traffic is not a problem, the line of the restaurant BD capability can also be solved by capital and team etc., as connected businesses and users of the last mile logistics distribution, or will become the key to victory or defeat a ring.

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recently, BAT eyeing the takeaway business.

days ago, word-of-mouth network announced APP will be transformed into a reputation Amoy little takeaway, at the same time, Alipay and Taobao to provide mobile phone entrance in the home, takeaway reputation. More than a month ago, Alibaba group and ant Financial Services Group announced a joint investment of 6 billion yuan to build a new word of mouth network, which has become the strategic flagship of Ali in the field of life services O2O.

almost at the same time, Baidu CEO Robin Li in the 2015 second quarter earnings analyst conference, said Baidu takeaway completed $250 million financing, and Baidu will split the independent development of Baidu takeaway. In more than a month ago, Robin Li said that the next three years will serve its life O2O platform glutinous rice net investment of $20 billion.

and Tencent in the last year and early this year have invested in the zero line, hungry and so on two takeaway platform, last year, also completed the life of the public service platform for public comment O2O investment.

obviously, this year BAT are aimed at the lives of local O2O market, fully equipped for. From the recent action point of view, the local life of the business segments – take away, become the BAT rally troops, the first battle positions.

said that three years ago, the thousand regiment war is the service life of the O2O industry, the first World War, then, the strong BAT into the Bureau, or will detonate life service O2O World War ii". The difference is that its main position from the store business (such as buy) transferred to take away.

distribution is the key

it is worth noting that this round of the new life service O2O battle, the external environment has also changed. The rapid spread of mobile Internet, making LBS, mobile payments and other infrastructure gradually improved. Compared to the era of PC to drive the price of the form of buying, the mobile Internet is giving birth to more gameplay, such as takeaway is more suitable for mobile Internet era with LBS features.

in the life of the service class O2O of all business, takeaway is relatively high frequency, therefore, the newly established word-of-mouth network will also be the first to cut out from the takeaway, the future driven by high-frequency low-frequency business." Word of mouth to take charge of the army to accept the twenty-first Century economic news reporter interviewed said.

at present, the United States takeaway and hungry Mody (Tencent and public comment investment) is the two largest players in the market, but also the United States and the public comment on the whole life of the service market in the process of the ACE army". This time, Baidu takeaway

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