How to do a good job in the local community WeChat marketing do not rush to send advertising, beware

said that the community is a free exchange platform, what can attract more people to participate in the exchange? Who is the princess of Monaco?. Oil prices up? No doubt, many people will pay attention to. The link between common interests. Marketing can start from here.

said the new way of marketing, WeChat marketing absolutely right. It is the number of potential customers, the low cost of marketing, marketing and other advantages of diversification so that it becomes the first choice of the size of the marketing business. However, because of too many businesses in marketing for WeChat, so for users, WeChat marketing is really annoying! How the WeChat marketing do not let the user objectionable, resist even shielding, this is a


do not rush to send advertising, beware of aborted

as a new WeChat public number, increase the number of fans is very important, scan code and pay attention to click on the red collar this is the most effective way to increase the fans. Fans are willing to stay, that is the interest demands. Micro signal is the most taboo is the beginning of advertising. At the beginning of the community can be the same as the site, the use of a common theme of the article to attract fans to discuss forwarding. Marketing is a gradual process. Long line to catch a big fish.

on WeChat, the marketing of goods is unlimited. Before doing WeChat marketing, it is necessary to make it clear that your product is suitable for WeChat to do marketing any commodity is in the process of marketing the characteristics of the goods will be enlarged to attract users to complete the transaction. If your goods can not use WeChat will attract users to display the characteristics of the goods, it is embarrassing, you still give up. If you really want to try if you can, then congratulations to you in advance, as long as two days, your powder on the light.

is not your advertising people will look at the

clear target group. Here I want to say "as audience commodity advertisement are often interested in, not often!" as the audience, every circle of friends or subscription number in the content are not interested in or even hate, users will only take off unceremoniously


Confucius said "It differs from man to man., individualized." Marketing, of course, is also true. In the background of WeChat fans can see the gender and age. Based on these, we can make a general classification and psychological reasoning. For professional female users, the clothing color is to attract them. For housewives, family related things attract them. For male users, these things may be a girlfriend or wife like. This requires the title of the article to add such words to attract male users. In the same way, you can use the male sex appeal to attract female users. Want to do a good job in WeChat marketing, analysis of the target population is absolutely not less. The correct analysis of the target groups, in order to write the article in line with the interests of the audience, so as to achieve better marketing results.


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