Amazon cracked down thousands of false critics accused the Navy

The minimum fee of only $5

[Abstract] United States Navy review service, most promise to the seller of the product to get five-star reviews.


Tencent Francisco October 19th message, according to foreign reports, the Amazon in the United States before the lawsuit, the thousands of the network Navy as a defendant. Amazon said in the lawsuit, the company’s brand reputation because of false and misleading comments and affected.

Amazon said in the lawsuit, the network Navy represents the book authors or writing books or goods from the seller, encourage uninformed consumers to buy goods on the Amazon site. Amazon said that these false and misleading comments, so that the company’s brand reputation is affected.

Amazon called John Does in the 1114 Navy suit". The company said the Navy did not grasp the real name. False review service charges the lowest only $5, most of them promise to let the seller products get five-star reviews.

travel review site TripAdvisor had previously said that in the past 6 months, the company has shut down the site of about 30 businesses specializing in the release of false comments. Currently, TripAdvisor is also closely watching the more than and 10 businesses suspected of publishing false comments.

but legal experts said this, according to the laws of the United States currently Amazon sued the network Navy, this also means that the future of the Amazon will take a similar approach in the international market, the network Navy prosecution.

with the holiday shopping season approaching, millions of consumers will choose to buy Christmas gifts on the Amazon website. False comments can not only mislead consumers to buy the wrong goods, businesses can also use negative false comments to affect the sales of competitors.

with the merchants, visit and online retailers are increasingly aware of the power of network review, the network navy has formed business. Amazon said, to combat cyber Navy, the company had sent the occupation intermediary website posing as buyers login, post looking for the network navy. Amazon said in the lawsuit, the move is not for, and the latter also together with the company to cooperate to combat network navy.

as of now, Amazon declined to comment for this story. (Ming Xuan)

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