What is the most popular network marketing professionals

Ma Yun once said: "five years later, the enterprise can either do e-commerce, or no business can do." Now many enterprises have really feel difficult to do business. Traditional enterprises are faced with the huge impact of e-commerce, electricity providers are facing the era of change.

many traditional companies have begun to slowly transition to e-commerce, which has a lot of clues to sort out, if there is no professional electricity supplier to operate, it will be difficult to achieve this transformation process. E-commerce is the core of network marketing, including many aspects of the work. Network marketing talent gap is very large, many companies can not afford to have money. I remember very clearly, there is a company is just looking for a programmer to find four or five months, wages to open up to fifteen thousand did not find a few suitable, network marketing talent is now almost all across the board.

I consulted many businesses

more or less have this problem, they demand for talent is very strong. Now the network marketing training institutions are also a lot of good people have been scheduled to go. But these training institutions training the talent level is uneven, really can directly start the network marketing personnel is not much, mostly primary level.

so what kind of network marketing talent shortage?

1, practical talent

practical talents most welcomed by enterprises, find the can, do not need to spend less time to develop, some process of trial and error, it can save a lot of cost for the enterprise. Especially in the field of electronic commerce, technology is developing rapidly, many methods will be out of date in a few months. Some projects in the morning a few months with the effect of a few months in the evening is not the same.

after the actual combat talent, the ability of individuals in the process of continuous learning to try, and constantly summed up. There will be a lot of detours in the process, experienced network marketing professionals can avoid these detours.

has the actual combat experience not only to understand the various means of network marketing, but also to systematic thinking. Companies are concerned about the input-output ratio, marketing methods, many bosses do not understand, they only focus on how the results.


can let them safely let you go to the operation of a project? How can let the boss that you are qualified for this job? Do you want to take into consideration the problem, should have a certain grasp of every aspect of network marketing. The company will have a chance of trial and error, if you take the wrong steps, the impact will not be great. But for a small business, their fate may have been pressed on the investment in the project, the success or failure are here. No wonder some bosses will ask how to progress in 32 days, the website data slightly will let the boss of the wind sways grass tense. At least I met a lot of bosses. In fact, many entrepreneurs are also the mentality of this, especially those who do not understand the technology.

to make them believe in you, you need to have a clear blueprint for the project, every step of the process must be controlled, the progress of the work can

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