Amazon announced Tmall flagship store trial operation plan formally launched on April

Sina Technology News March 6th afternoon news, Amazon China ( today announced the beginning of the trial operation in Tmall Amazon official flagship store, plans to formally launched in April this year. The flagship store will be the first phase of the main push of the Amazon’s most popular Chinese consumers of imported direct mining products, including shoes, food, drinks, kitchen utensils, toys and other categories.

Amazon official flagship store of goods sold by Amazon China logistics distribution. Currently, Amazon has the same day and next day service Chinese covering more than 1 thousand and 400 counties, and establish more than 5 thousand points in the country, consumers can according to their actual needs, flexible choice of mode of delivery.

vice president of Amazon Chinese Niu Yinghua said: "one of the Amazon in the Chinese vision is whether consumers where to buy through Amazon this platform they want to buy goods from all over the world."

as early as in June 2013 sina science and technology was informed that the Amazon is responsible for the global BD is responsible for the promotion of China’s high-level communication with Tmall executives. In September 2014 IPO Alibaba, Alibaba President Ma also say do not rule out and the Amazon cooperation.

, according to people involved in long-term "Tmall Amazon official flagship store" project revealed that the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is very concerned about the market in Chinese, Tmall and Amazon China are vigorously landing cross-border electricity provider, he pushes Amazon and Tmall in this business cooperation.

Amazon settled, so that Tmall can learn to the Amazon’s global supply chain management model, but also settled into Tmall to bring more abundant international goods, Tmall can go out through the amazon. (Li Wei)

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