Head culture T-shirt hot reservation……

personality webmaster T-shirt

stationmaster net 2007 summer t-shirt!

to promote the culture of the webmaster, Adsense nets for you to build Chinese culture t-shirt! Belong to the identity of the owner of his own identity T-shirt, so that the summer of 2007 more exciting! At the same time, we are ready for the Admin5 webmaster net friends of the beautiful Admin5 webmaster network commemorative t-shirt! Want to get our commemorative T-shirt, please quickly scheduled oh!

1. webmaster webmaster T-shirt only for preparation, every webmaster can be scheduled "China webmaster limited edition personalized t-shirt"!
2. want to get the head of the network to commemorate the same T-shirt can also be scheduled! Two, price:
a T-shirt: webmaster personality T-shirt: 40 yuan each (including postage)
B: webmaster nets T-shirt: 35 yuan each (including postage)
summer T-shirt not only has the advantages of convenient and smooth, sweat absorbent breathable wear, is also resistant to washing conformal elastic etc.. This commemorative T-shirt all the weight is 200 g 100% 21 combed cotton fabric.
three, scheduled process:
1. according to their own needs to calculate the number and type of T-shirt the specific amount of remittance to the bank account, the official Admin5 www.admin5.com/bank.
2. QQ:411745911 Tel: 0516-83777726 please inform the remittance amount and bank transfer (please remit as little as possible or more meeting point fraction, such as: remittance of $30.02, relatively easy to distinguish), need T-shirt species number and size, delivery address, contact information, we will according to your requirements detailed record, please write a clear address, you can ensure the timely and accurate receipt of t-shirt! Note:
attached: size table model S M L XL XXL XXXL (CM) 666870727476 bust length (CM) 100104108112116120 (CM) 155~160 160~165 165~170 is 170~175 175~180 180~185

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