Today’s headlines, Tencent, Baidu, why these content platform frequently dished out the olive branch

recently from the media, especially red, but also has the characteristics of the media on the platform outstanding performance. Papi sauce short video in WeChat public release after 6 minutes to break the "100 thousand +" reading, recently also received 20 million investment funds and real Luo Zhenyu.

from the media who went up on the network platform, is anxious to follow, since the media have launched a subsidy war,. Spring is a busy season.

a map to see the major platforms subsidy policy

leveraging each other

Before the

support platform, since the media are still in the state of relatively small workshop production alone, the market situation, can be roughly divided into two kinds: one is to spend money path type, serious gossip, Jin Yong as the representative of Liushen Leilei read public advertising sent to the elephant, of course the upcoming Papi sauce; another is the "one", the logic of thinking and tongue films as the representative of the sellers send ideas, have their own goods and business model.

After the

platform now, since the media began to gather resources, which indicates the transformation of small workshop production is to brand oriented.

platform can bring benefits to people from the media?

is the first expansion of traffic. Tencent’s "Penguin media platform" and today’s headlines of its own media properties, coupled with the distribution of interest in intelligent technology, can provide a wealth of content creators to promote channels to increase the flow of articles;

is then an important commercial value. The platform in order to attract people from the media quality, will put on the platform from the media advertising revenue of all or part to all people from the media, since the media platform even for subsidies deep quality content;

followed by entrepreneurial services. Content platform for entrepreneurs to provide content production, office space, data analysis, industry salon, financing docking and other entrepreneurial services, enhance their understanding of the industry.

and from the perspective of the content platform

On the one hand,

hopes to gather more high-quality media people, create more content, services and expand the existing user groups, to achieve a more accurate distribution of high-quality content;

on the other hand, advertisers can make an inventory of resources by content creators, which connects the platform through the content creators, fans, relationship between the three party advertisers, advertisers pay for the platform layout, platform for content creators to provide production distribution services, consumer content creators fans, advertisers behind businesses earn money to fans, forming a large the platform of business ecosystem.

however, subsidies can only be temporarily retained from the media, the platform also need to consider how to retain the exclusive content from the media. If each platform production homogenization of content, it is easy to become the platform for others to do the wedding dress, people from the media platform dependence is very low, the contents of the course they hope each channel platform is sent, so as to increase the self.

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