Geeks College Online Education Financing bring what changes

was so Lang Jia college geeks will certainly cause the elevation, but everyone has their own aspirations, not just put the gun. Geeks college is known as the domestic IT occupation education online NO1, then its financing to online education, what kind of change? Now this time node, what is the


(1) online education bubble theory rift

as the saying goes: three hundred and sixty, adventure.has, this proverb tells us to live only while the old champion, when popular imperial dynasty, every time studying hard is nothing more than for example, third overall champion, the three highest reading position. The ancients tell us through countless years: each industry survivors but three, the rest is small, so the industry bubble is in the normal thing. Especially the Internet, the domestic twenty years of the Internet course, we witness so many industry bubble, but also a law. Therefore, the online education is the topic of the bubble, it is no disease to find a doctor.

from the beginning of August 2013, the field of online education has emerged in the first half of tomorrow is the online education closures, the trend is that, Jia Lang not theory, I believe only a moment to think about this thing, do not spend time in their own projects, financing, development, to find their own way, even in defeat Rong, entrepreneurs like this.


, recently geeks College Financing really let loose the post bubble theory. In the next few years, as long as the college geeks does not appear big strategic mistake, then from the perspective of survival and development, no problem.

of course, as if the above said so simple, then the bubble theory, the man of no importance thing, but as the first paid occupation IT online education platform, will hold a debate and a war between the school. When the traditional educational institutions questioned whether free mode can, in 100 as a leader in education, free online education platform for a large number of rapid emergence, and online education a bargain hunting from the mode of pay to enter, from June 19th this year, has launched the official background of Hui college, now college geeks mark the financing, from the internal and external market to make traditional educational institutions fear.

(2) product is king reputation first

whether it is free or paid 100 education leaders, new college geeks, are to focus on product. The former is a group of former New Oriental teacher, YY education and above all teachers; the latter is the founder of Jin Yan China first Android development materials, the author China largest mobile developer community founder, teacher training is China the earliest Android line, not to mention the back and a group of experienced team of teachers, understand the internet. Since a teacher to choose online education, then the change is due, so a teacher’s change than an ordinary teacher to change more terror. And a group of high-quality teachers to create the production

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