Cai Wensheng the key to the outbreak of the mobile nternet is down to earth, regardless of the Tenc



, a Internet Co must dare to arm

The habits and behaviors of

mobile Internet and Internet users have a lot of different Internet Co to launch mobile Internet products, need to have the courage to arm to survive, to give everything. So internal innovation is difficult, because innovation may mean to lose their lives and the original business model.

two, the popularity of mobile Internet has ended

users, the mobile Internet has ended, China has more than 500 million mobile phone users, most intelligent mobile phone users, mobile Internet is almost complete, now entering houses for users stage. The first phase of the basic end of the tool and information APP war, and now it is too late to do, he himself in the mobile Internet investment some mistakes, cut too late.

three, grass root who in the world, only the local company can win the future

a lot of people to the deep North of Guangzhou as the main users of the Internet, it is wrong, where users are city white-collar workers, and the 3-4 line of the city and rural users form completely different, they only occupy a small part of Internet users. Only to seize the majority of 3-4 line of urban and rural users to win the market. Jiang Jieshi was the mentality of the occupation of major cities, the United States to support the main generals and officials are returnees. At the end of the world by Mao Zedong to take the grass root, the reason is that he understands the needs of users of small and medium-sized city and countryside. Baidu was able to win Google, in addition to policy reasons, the more important reason is that he has to stick with the product, such as fully aware of the localization, to understand the needs of Chinese users, high viscosity. The first phase of the war news client has finished, the equivalent of the northern expedition, they occupied first are the elite and white-collar users, temporarily leading Sohu. Whether the next win the world, or civil war, to see who is more down to earth, to the 3-4 line of the city and rural users.

four, the best product is simple, less product interface changes

Li Xingping do HAO123 is the best product in the early Internet, when he was 10 million to buy Baidu, Baidu now rely on this year’s revenue of nearly 2 billion, only about 5 people in the maintenance. He later went to Li Xingping’s home in Guangdong, Shantou to find Li Xingping, let him do 4399, the product is also very simple, is to let the user directly in the first page will be able to find the game he wants to play. There is a principle that the interface is less change. At the beginning of the HAO123 and 265 interface has been very bad, but very little change, because the user habits and paths once formed, the interface is good or not is not too important, if the change will result in a significant decline in traffic.

five, the outbreak is the core of the user

is still in the next year and a half of the outbreak of the mobile Internet, which do not consider the business model and profit. >

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