P2P run away to the crime of fraud case head net corporate yooee jailed for 14 years

each reporter Shi Qingwei

day before, "the first case of net loan and net cases handed down and became P2P’s first fund-raising fraud qualitative case.

Jiangsu court and Rugao City People’s court website information display, and the defendant Yi wood a, Huang was recently Rugao City People’s court, were sentenced to 14 years and 9 years, and shall be ordered to return the illegal income 15 million 170 thousand yuan, reimbursement related victim.

Xiao SA Dacheng Law Firm lawyer told the "daily economic news" reporter, the case to wake up to the net loan industry, due to financial fraud has the highest death penalty, which undoubtedly has a strong psychological deterrent to criminals.

industry insiders also said that the judgment of the case for the frequent occurrence of fraud platform has a strong deterrent, regulatory policy has not yet been clear in the context of this case helps purify the P2P industry.

sentencing heavier than the crime of illegal deposits

it is understood that the defendant Mu Huang and the excellent and easy network third party online intermediary lending platform fraud 45 victims totaling more than 2000 yuan rmb.

identified by the trial, the defendant in a wood registered in Nantong in 2010 "yooee company, the legal representative of the defendant is a wood company, the shareholders are the defendant Huang and wood. In August 18, 2012 ~2012 year in December 21st, the defendant in a wood at a Rugao Yifeng mall, with excellent and easy network intermediary in borrowing the name has been achieved in the premise of financial business license, fabricated yooee company "Hongkong Yifeng company’s members, that the Yifeng mall businesses need loans, issued false in excellent and easy network. The" loan standard ", with high interest rates as bait, to 45 victims a total of 25 million 500 thousand yuan of illegal fund-raising.

The defendant in a

wood will be part of the funds raising to 3% of the monthly interest free loans to two people or the actual use of foreign (the funds have been returned), in the borrower’s knowledge and the ability to return the case, the majority of funds raised by an investment company with capital investment in futures, stocks, as of December 21, 2012 a total loss of 12 million 590 thousand yuan. The defendant in a wood to escape after the song’s name continues through qianteng investment company with capital investment in futures, since the January 9, 2013 ~2013 year in April 10th, a total loss of more than 20 yuan.

forensic identification by forensic accounting, the defendant Hwang, Hwang to pingmou 45 victims totaling 25 million 500 thousand yuan of illegal fund-raising, resulting in $15 million 240 thousand can not be returned. After the incident, the Rugao Municipal Public Security Bureau from the defendant wood somewhere detains Renminbi 2900 yuan, from qianteng employees recovered 10649 yuan; from the defendant Huang seized 7300 yuan.

Xiao Sa told reporters that the defendant to absorb the funds used for personal consumption and investment, which is legally recognized as: for the purpose of illegal possession, but also raising

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