Wenzhongqiujin ranking skill

means the Dennis website ranking and share a lot, summed up mainly in the three block of SEO skills: links, content, requirement. For these three aspects we must have found their own use of different ways, and today to share the ranking optimization technique is based on the optimization of the basic details of the stability of access to the home page.

popular keywords page ranking means we all know, the high quality of the chain + quality content. However, I do not know whether it is found recently Baidu dynamics, is the brand potential, many think we have optimized good websites, and even the industry popular word in this period actually disappeared, group of friends have also expressed their own website whether it is right to drop. In fact, the search engine counter attack is not accidental, but really tell SEOer the arrival of a new era.

SEO is going to be a matter of history, regardless of what we do today, just look at how the adversity in today’s own website rankings as far as possible into the Baidu home page.

first, the role of friends chain.


chain although we repeatedly show that the utility of chicken ribs, but the chain chain and is still the site must be step by step forward. Now we will focus on the chain positioning in the link, but also related to industry anchor text link. In general, small and medium enterprises chain control in about thirty, but here the author Dennis to emphasize that this is the number of the initial control. Friends of the chain link up and not to still need to maintain Everything will be fine.. Use a chain to lift the ranking is a process of survival of the fittest, in a link in the life cycle to continue the chain replacement, the chain with higher quality links instead of bad, try to keep the number of the last chain in less than forty.

second, demand orientation.

talked about the demand is mainly user needs, which is now the main trend of the future and even the future, and today we talked about the demand is mainly for the search engine search algorithm rules. We know that the root cause of the click is able to solve the user needs, but also in recent years, there is a constant click on the software to enhance the ranking. Have to say is that when the site is ranked in the click algorithm and motionless, the demand will be in the next week to push the ranking home page. And we have to do is to determine the needs of users, the site content to the user needs to be able to promote demand in the short term, in order to promote keywords ranking into the home page.

third, content leading role.

website content is the basis for the promotion of users, is to solve the user needs, the key to satisfying the user experience. Do a good job of website content is not only you can understand the current hot spots but also to be able to find the industry, to create a more prominent scarce resources. Of course, the content is not random but the depth of mining industry. You don’t have to be original, but you need to add comments, pictures and even videos that can’t be ignored

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