How to let the spread like viral marketing

"we were wide store administration review, see Papi sauce is" dirty "" this article from April 19th 10 issued to the present, the amount of reading in the hundreds of Baidu has 14W+, is currently ranked first in the list, click.


this article is originated from the afternoon of April 18th SARFT ordered Papi sauce program line rectification, demands to remove foul language vulgar content issue, the author will read all night video Papi sauce on micro-blog, summed up Papi sauce once said dirty words, statistical form and written articles published, only in Baidu 100 24 hours had read hundreds of thousands.

, which makes the old wheat thought of Apple pay in February 28th this year, 5 in the morning in the Chinese on-line scene, a guy who specialized in Starbucks is waiting for, wait for Apple pay on the line immediately experience, then wrote an article in the first China, people use Apple pay, and a small transaction the ticket and some attention to the same high click rate.

wants to make the article like viral marketing as quickly spread, I think we should have four elements.

1, close to the hot

whether it is the beginning of the Papi sauce incident, or apple pay the first person, have one thing in common: closely linked to the hot spots.

hot refers to the popular public concern of Internet users or welcome news and information, often come, dissipate quickly, usually lasts only a few days time, will soon be the next hot spot coverage, but after the event has become a hot search volume will reach an unprecedented height.


above is the apple index of Baidu pay, in February 15th began to rise, the index was released in February 18th, 41W is more than that, then slowly declined, and finally stabilized, maintained at 3000-5000 search range.


such as the words "Wang Wei" in the Baidu index has been in 2000 – 4000 between the search volume, a sudden surge in April 18th to more than 13W, because these two days in Beijing have a SF brother beaten original video was released, SF President Wang Wei was very angry and sent circle of friends called "if this thing. Not held in the end, I no longer do with SF president", suddenly became the major media headlines.

therefore, whether or not to seize the hot spots around the hot to write, determines whether the article can quickly spread the basic.

2, add your own intrigue

is just hot or not, because you are writing, others are writing, how to stand out?

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