CN domain number to 10 million reasonable

The afternoon of March 7th, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced that from today until May 31st, CN domain name registration price will be reduced to 1 yuan, CNNIC director Mao Wei said, China users have 137 million Internet users, the domain name CN number should reach 10 million is reasonable, the activity is expected rapid growth will prompt CN users.

Between the

7 in the afternoon, the Ministry of information industry, the State Council Information Office and the Information Office of the State Council and Chinese Academy of Sciences and other government agencies attended the conference, attaches great importance to. Insiders said that CNNIC’s efforts to promote the CN domain name is very large, CNNIC is expected to be within the CN domain name registration number reached 3 million this year, more than COM domain name. March 7th afternoon, Mao Wei did not predict the effect of the event, he said the number of registration is difficult to predict, CNNIC will be assessed after the end of the event, does not rule out the possibility of extending the price cuts.

but the sale is only limited to the new CN domain name registration, renewal will continue in accordance with the original price, Mao Wei admitted that the future renewal to restore the original price there may be loss of users, but he said the next CNNIC will also be combined with the domain name registrar, Internet service providers and other companies launched a series of related network services, makes it easier for users to set up site experience CN domain name advantage to attract customers.

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