45 group purchase network hoarding Hongkong YAHOO Hongkong reached the hundred regiments

Hongkong’s group buying site may wish yesterday was April Fool’s day, rather than the smell of gunpowder children’s day.

June 1st, YAHOO Hongkong announced the launch of the Yahoo in the Hongkong area, buy service, becoming the first in Hong Kong to buy from the market to buy a number of websites to buy the content of the integrated service website.

it is reported that the Hongkong market has 45 group purchase website, YAHOO Hongkong has three of them at this stage and to establish relations of cooperation, including BeeCrazy, Couppie and FunShare have bee buy. Liu Zhanquan, director of e-commerce in Hongkong, told reporters on the same day, YAHOO is responsible for providing the platform at this stage in Hongkong, issued by the audit of its preferential information, and to share revenue with partners.

YAHOO Hongkong data show that the company in search, mailbox, auction and other services in the leading position, there are about 4 million 300 thousand Internet users in Hongkong, of which 65% will be set as the home page. Hongkong YAHOO vice president and managing director Cai Baode believes that consumers in online shopping, the most fancy is reputation, YAHOO Hongkong has long established brand reputation will become the key to the future success of the group purchase service.

now, YAHOO is still in Hongkong and other local popular buy site to discuss cooperation, the future is expected to have more partners to join." Cai Baode pointed out that YAHOO’s other services in Hongkong and the group will complement each other, to buy services indirectly attract more consumers. YAHOO Hongkong month will also start the mobile phone service client, allowing consumers to enjoy a more convenient and quick buy service.

group purchase has become a new favorite China and all over the world in the past year, especially in the Chinese mainland, group purchase is undoubtedly in recent years "fame" the fastest star.

last March, the U.S. mission network in the mainland has just started, after 9 months, the same pattern of domestic group purchase website has doubled to 2612. According to the group 800 information release in 2011, China’s group buying statistics report, as of April this year, the domestic sales site has been as high as $650 million purchase. According to this year the number of samples to buy the city and the city to buy the compound growth rate of 800, the group of information forecast, this year the market will easily break through the purchase of $20 billion.

Chinese group purchase website trend seems like a raging fire who are intolerable. In March 2011, the original Groupon group purchase and Tencent jointly launched the group purchase website officially launched the site Gaopeng, other giants competing jumped into the fray. As of April 2011, NetEase, Baidu, gaopeng.com, Tencent, Sohu, Alibaba, Sina, Shanda has formed a "eight" carve up the mainland market Chinese group purchase. In addition, there are relying on their own resources, focus on the development of a large class of products to buy a large website, such as the main push Hotel Ctrip ctrip.

scale competitors are not type of group purchase website disrupted rich ground. With the hot market competition, buy site began to become venture capital (V>)

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