Domestic beer collective lost, grut attack has just begun

Major events, such as the European Cup by

super stimulation, summer beer sales continue to rise this year, especially the Grote (Gloryt) and other imported beer brands, showing a good momentum. Industry professionals said, imported beer taste superior, higher price, and occupy the business platform, KA supermarkets, bars and other channels in the main position, and this year is expected to win the domestic beer contest.

behind the battle between imported beer and domestic beer pattern, is a fierce dispute of commercial interests. China has always been a large beer consumption, the formation of a high degree of concentration of the market situation, while creating a number of "industrial mass production" – based large manufacturers. These manufacturers have been about the people’s taste, but also hides the secret of commercial interests and product standards. However, with the escalation of beer consumption, beer industry rules of the game in the market is constantly subject to rigorous testing.

pattern: imported beer beer Bianzhen to conquer the public taste buds

imported beer this year to be not only because of stimulus events stride forward singing militant songs.

at the beginning of the year, known as the industry barometer and wind vane, said the spring sugar, imported beer into the situation has intensified. Foreign beer beer in the army there is no lack of music as the figure.

network network as its music and music as sports for the first time this year launched a joint German imported beer and the Groot, labeled "eco beer" label. Grote beer from Germany Mannheim, Germany beer products in order to ensure the "origin", network network is invited the former CCTV Oprah, LETV sports chief content officer Liu Jianhong as the "product experience officer", full participation in the control, the German beer standard extreme reduction.

Internet Ecosystem Cafe admission, COFCO, the Yanghe River and other traditional companies have incoming, the size of importers is followed. The industry has been defined as the future of imported beer wine new outlet. On the other hand, domestic beer is a sudden turn for the worse. Data show that in 2015, Qingdao, Yanjing beer and other domestic enterprises operating profit, market revenue and other indicators have declined almost.

compared with the domestic beer, product standards, the ultimate pure harsh taste and high price or origin of imported beer consumers capture. A bar owner said, domestic for imported beer has already implemented zero tariff, few importers monopoly was broken, open market competition, so the market price of imported beer in the price decline, the difference is not obvious trend, the popularity of imported beer will be far better than domestic beer.

: explore the interests of manufacturers coerced Chinese beer market

national name why the enemy but foreign products from the production of raw materials, brewing process to taste quality, you can find the answer.

in beer brewing, a ton of wine about 100-140 kg of barley, accounting for 15% of the cost of production – 30%. Barley is the most important factor in the cost of beer production. However, since 2007 >

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