How to do a good job of QQ mail promotion

Hello, I was just a join SEO promotion industry newcomers, although every day some confusion, but very happy is that I can learn something, at present in the Silk Road served as the promotion of the position of education, education for the promotion of the silk road. Today I want to share with you some dry cargo "how to do QQ bulk mail promotion", this is my last two or three months through continuous practice and summed up.

1, platforms and tools:


platform is QQ of course, I choose the tool is huge mass mailing software, in addition to a QQ group email extractor, fees add up to less than 1000 of the ocean, said today this is mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises or choose a professional platform better, stable, high efficiency, large amount of transmission;

2, the production of mail templates:

A template

I will not say, as long as a little bit of HTML basically will, not to write, can take others to change, in fact the single page is a website of the mail template. The following is mainly to talk about the message when the note:

(1), the title of the message can not contain sensitive words, can not be used to answer the question, the keyword stack, the title does not match the content, which will lead to direct mail into the junk mail.

(2), the title of the mail to attract people! Note that QQ mail is a mail pop-up function, it must make good use of, or the transformation rate of group mail will be very poor! Pop show is the title of the message, the title is not too long, control words in 13 words left and right; the mail template size should be consistent with the user’s habits, the content of template size set in open a browser can display all content at a glance, the content will enhance the user experience.

(3), the text of the message, according to the promotion needs and objectives of planning, concise and delicate to. The content of the message is king, to provide nutritious content to the user. Not only is the company’s brand exposure, the company’s product marketing, promotions, more to meet the needs of target customers.

(4), with the URL of the mail, for a long time, the Tencent will be aware of the possible link with your shield, mail! Can use Baidu or micro-blog of this tool, to give a lower probability of being spam jump.

(5), template layout should not be complicated, too much use of complex code will be mistaken for spam.

3, operation steps:

(1), first of all, we need to join a large number of related QQ group, multi group, you can register 3-5 QQ number every day, plus the relevant group 5-10;

(2), email extractor using QQ group all the QQ group inside the QQ mailbox, and then extract the mailbox is exported to the local computer;

(3), open the e-mail group software, the first to import the sender list (to avoid being blocked, >

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