The core business of the long tail transfer network show originator 9158 what can be listed


text / Ding Peng

9158 to be listed is never what secret, for 9158 also hired former CFO Mak long tour of grace to do their COO, responsible for 9158 of the listing plan.

reported this month, 9158 will be in the end of the month in the name Columba group listed in Hong Kong, UBS, CICC will serve as the principal underwriter of the IPO. Friends in the 9158 official confirmation process, the 9158 aspects of this avoidance and answer, but that all official.

According to

statistics, 9158 had completed two rounds of financing, respectively in 2008 and 2010 time node (this point is very interesting, we say behind) investors are IDG and Sina, relatively speaking, the amount was not large, $20 million and $30 million, but it is worth noting that Sina Sina SHOW package in 9158, it became the 9158 largest shareholder.

about 9158 of the financial data, the 9158 official did not officially released the listing announcement, this is untraceable, but after rumors of the annual income of 1 billion yuan.

from the outside to see the financial data of 9158 healthy, as a network show platform, 9158 clear profit model and persistent. But we from another point of view, according to the Ministry of culture Chinese report, in 2013 the market size of the online arts 3 billion 670 million yuan, accounted for 84% of the online music market, in 2015 the market size of the online arts to reach 8 billion 500 million yuan.

this dish is not the market, and will have to face another giant YY and a congregation may not be much weaker brother as 6 rooms, quack video.

so, if you stick to the network 9158 show business, he’s listed at best is a small but beautiful, do not, this is not the original intention of 9158.

core business to the long tail transfer

9158 business is now the core of the network show, it should be a year before the listing of the template NASDAQ YY.


9158 is not the same and is not just a platform effect YY network show, the network show is just one of several YY’s core business, the income structure of YY, the game business has occupied a very important position, while this year YY also opened an online education business.

according to the idea of Li Xueling, the future will also YY tentacles extending to all directions, in the Friends and Li Xueling dialogue, Li Xueling said that, "our most important thing is to do two things, two things more clearly, one of which is to do audio and video transmission based on network, this is the core of our housekeeping stuff."

is based on this core technology

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