Scare 19 meters friends successfully recovered the stolen domain GoDaddy platform

May 19th hearing, it was said that now is the most profitable era of domain names, the current domain name investment is becoming more and more popular, but the problem is that most investors headache than theft. The recent @jiawei domain name investors will encounter this sort of thing, but fortunately 19 he successfully recovered the stolen domain name on the GoDaddy platform.


thing is the process of

because Jiawei has been abroad, so he is mainly used in the domain name platform is GoDaddy, plus stolen, there are a total of more than and 700 domain names, he has always felt that this platform is quite safe. I did not expect that, about 10 days ago in the morning, wake up, he received an e-mail from GoDaddy, at first he thought it was a phishing e-mail, did not care.

later, he found that it is not a phishing e-mail, it is GoDaddy hair, but the above account number is not his, so he would think it was phishing e-mail. But he did not open, and he thought his password should not have been stolen, but the domain name is stolen.

after he received the message that has been successfully removed 19 domain names, he suddenly found that the domain name has been stolen! In the first time found stolen, immediately call the British side of Jiawei customer service, but they said the deal, can’t lock, let him contact them to deal specifically with the domain name theft department. But the Department did not have a telephone, mail only, make him feel very depressed.

According to Jiawei

, then he sent a message, roughly explains, "probably because there is GoDaddy know your bug problem, so the other party has not let me provide anything like ID, the domain name back to me. There are a few have been turned away, it is estimated that GoDaddy through negotiations to come back."

sky will not fall pie

The Jiawei

19 domain name stolen mostly 4 initials, Daohao people put these 2 accounts to the domain name, and then sell out. According to what he learned, 4 initials down several hands, finally hand the price of only 1500 yuan.

According to Jiawei

, he had more than and 100 4 initials, ordinary are sold to Menon, and left more than and 10 to sell terminal with at least 5 digits, the results are stolen, so he felt that 1500 yuan is completely Jianlou at the time of purchase, Menon think that there are problems.

here to remind investors, when buying the domain name, especially in some price below the market price or the price is very low, must stay in mind, learn to distinguish whether it is black.

select a secure platform critical

"I don’t have anything."

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