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Alibaba’s search for new business opportunities, "held in Beijing Pangu Seven Stars Hotel on September 8, 2010, meet new friends" national tour will set sail trip ground exchange conference. In an interview with reporters on the meeting CCIDNET Ali cloud e-commerce product director of Mr. Chen Liaohan.


Mr. Chen Liaohan is currently responsible for the operation of product planning and development. So far has been doing community electronic commerce, 2002 first came from the school now has gone through eight years of time, in the eight years following the footsteps of the Internet has been developing, we know that the Internet has two new products, a micro-blog, a group purchase. Phpwind as a community service software, has been considering what to do to help owners in the field of electronic commerce, from the beginning of the 07 year that the Internet has a rate of nearly 5 hundred million in 07 years when browsing the Internet market to 55 million in 2010, the average annual growth rate of 30%. Look at the online shopping user groups, in about 5 million 610 thousand of online shopping users for 07 years, so this year is expected to reach about 150 million, the Internet market in the e-commerce market so an external mature, is the driving force of community and commerce is very strong.


community e-commerce advantage

has a feature in the community which, in the past few decades of precipitation, many well-known communities have a very large user groups, and the community’s awareness of this group can promote Phpwind have a great potential of e-business. One of the characteristics of the community is interaction, one is trust. When buying a commodity, think how evaluation of this product, for example, buy a mobile phone, you will feel in the community interaction and word-of-mouth marketing is able to effectively promote the development of electronic commerce in the community.

community influence


community’s influence, this is the third feature of a community if it reaches a certain size, when the user reaches a certain size, the user is very large and the sense of credibility, credibility is the foundation of the community electronic commerce,. From the external to a number of factors within the community, there is a great opportunity for e-commerce.

Phpwind how to help communities build e-commerce

the development of the current community has several features, one in particular that many communities are trying to do e-commerce, but rarely see success. So what is the reason, the community does not have a good community to adapt to e-commerce products. We see is just a community, simply build a mall, this model is difficult to find the value of the community itself. There is still a very interesting phenomenon in the community, the lack of high-quality sellers. Previous communities are more based on discussion, content based discussions, because of the advantages of sellers >

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