Know almost hao123 changes from site navigation to information navigation

for hao123 before practice, so a sense of contact, every time when it comes to this, everyone was surprised to ask "hao123 also need so many people to develop? Is a full static page links?", at least people around me think so. This fully illustrates what is no investigation no right to speak, there is no doubt that such a person has not been on the hao123.

said that under the hao123 in recent years is mainly from the change, after being acquired by Baidu ("imperceptible change" even, too vague, to know most users, hao123 as long as it does not come any changes are imperceptible).

hao123 changes in recent years are focused on a very clear theme: from the site navigation into information navigation (or called resource navigation), to seize the Internet information portal". For a simple example, the information portal is a portal into the Internet, to the Internet from the inside of my door drilled past, where you go after the drill is also determined by me. The final result is that the user can see the information provided by the Internet, I may be direct, but also may indirectly provide third party resources. The importance of information is to seize the entrance needless to say, now almost all of the Internet giant competition include well-known head broken and bleeding, search engines, web portals, social networking sites, browser or operating system, there are a variety of nearly two years of fire new mobile devices.

hao123 the biggest change around this theme is:

one, a large number of two page integration display third party resources, rather than simply put a bunch of Web site, in fact, the direct of the third party website has become very small. For example, hao123 film, notice not seen can now point to open a look, is not like Youku movies? This page simply put Youku, potatoes, fantastic what the URL directly removed, replaced by a variety of movie resources: popular movies, classification navigation, star, advanced search, and each the film has a very complete information, but there is someone to manually edit this information to ensure accuracy. The biggest difference with sina is that it will jump to the third party’s web page when it comes to play. This revision is the most direct effect is to increase the user’s residence time in hao123, and it is clear that the goal is to replace the location of the video portal, rather than the flow of traffic to meet the point. There are a lot of similar, all the important two pages in fact have made a portal form, such as: TV, news, music, buy, games, etc.. Of course, the home page has not changed, is still a bunch of links, if the hao123 is bigger, or the home sooner or later be replaced; either all two pages from the home page and became an independent portal home page, change the.

two, an increase of user login function >

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