Potatoes and other video station full-scale movie free station

      half a year ago, when I do KUKE site navigation, the movie website is the website traffic classification of the largest piece of. At that time, the film master, the flow of more than 100 thousand not less than 20. And now I do every movie search, but found that the owners of these hand traffic has greatly decreased, and they have the movie resources server units, and not because of the decreasing flow. Due to the decline in traffic, advertising is weak, and the high cost of the server and the plight of many free film owners have chosen to quit this once let them unlimited field of scenery, to do other sites.

      free movie site traffic generally fell, the reason is that the number of people watching free movies, or have a strong third party stole the market? The answer is obviously the latter.

      so, who is this powerful third party? In the discussion and more than and 100 free movie station, almost all of them will spearhead the potatoes, Youku and other video stations, even.

      indeed, potatoes, Youku and other video station, even when just started, they are limited to small video content is almost funny, sports, beauty etc.. However, with a strong financial, human and material resources, they mastered the number of G bandwidth and the most advanced P2P technology, completely solve the problem of personal free movie website owners can not solve the bandwidth and technology. With the help of users to upload this name, they seem to have greater flexibility in front of the copyright owners than individuals.

      copyright and bandwidth issues have to let individual stationmaster headaches and free movies, potatoes, Youku and other video station, the strong involvement of even-even, is to let person free movie webmaster have the feeling of crowning calamity. Personal webmaster free movies where the future, now seems to be unknown, perhaps, wrap is a forced and not by choice.

      I QQ:413474085, and we look forward to the exchange of personal free film survival problem

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