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at the end of last year, I made a number of predictions of the 2014 network marketing. If you have not read this article, click here to read. In view of the obvious transformation of customer focused marketing, I consider the impact of search engine optimization (SEO), social media and content marketing trends in the coming year may have an impact on the enterprise.

as we move into the middle of 2014, I think it will be very useful to assess how many of my predictions will come true: what exactly my predictions are right, and what my predictions are wrong.

below is my seven network marketing forecast to see how these predictions compare with what we’ve seen so far this year.

forecast 1: the scale of content marketing will be greater than ever before

in my original article, I predicted content marketing – using valuable content to attract customers and customers, gain prestige and trust – is the direction of business development in 2014. By using blog posts, newsletters, social media, video, and other marketing techniques, companies can build relationships, prestige and trust among their customers, and ultimately increase sales.

2014 is already more than half, we still see the corporate budget from TV and magazine advertising and other traditional marketing methods to the customer marketing strategy transfer. However, according to research by Research Forest (Forrester), companies are struggling to achieve business results through their content marketing strategies. In fact, only 14% of companies reported that their marketing strategy was "very effective"".

companies are struggling to continue their content marketing ROI evaluation, make the strategic support within the company, this is the network marketing personnel in 2014 is a headache. Companies need to continue to look for ways to integrate their content with their overall corporate goals in order to assess and demonstrate their effectiveness in a broader range of objectives.

finally, the lack of training may at least be part of the reason why content marketing is not going to be effective in some companies. Network Marketing Institute (Online Marketing Institute) founder Aaron · (Aaron Kahlow); Carol said, the lack of staff trained with regularity is a serious obstacle: "there is no trained personnel enough to do marketing errands. But the training is a top priority, and this is a very common problem, from the bottom to the chief marketing officer."

forecast 2: social media marketing will require a more diversified

in my previous article, I think companies will increasingly use a variety of social networking platforms – not only Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Every few months there will be a new social platform

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