Small and medium-sized enterprise promotion website method

"a lot" of the site: an introduction of dangerous gas products of small companies, not enough market channels, no more promotion funds, even without a full-time staff of IT, but through the network promotion for his bring new customers the Everfount. Through a lot of detours, and finally tasted the sweetness of the business owner is not without emotion, said: do not understand the network of small businesses want to achieve the dream of doing business online, in fact, did not imagine so difficult. Summed up the eight words: only the right choice, not expensive!

near Beijing city Shunyi District Tianzhu, dotted with large and small busy orderly freight company. A professional operating a variety of industrial gases, medical gases and gas supporting equipment of private enterprises are located. The company has a business partner in traditional marketing. However, with the gradual development of enterprises and the growing market competition, business expansion has encountered obstacles. In order to find new customers, expand product sales, the company tried a lot of ways.

initially, they buy a billboard in Beijing by the way side, huadaijiaqian advertising has really brought the company paid off new customers with the billboards to bring the company’s new customers accounted for about 30% of the total. The effect of input and output is not very ideal, so that the enterprise to promote the form of choice more than a few minutes.

subsequently, companies began to pay attention and try to network marketing. But because the company does not really know how to carry out network marketing, simply put a lot of money in the search site, there is no professional promotion plan and specific return expectations. This down, the company’s investment is not low. After a period of practice, the company found that such promotion effect is not as good as they had thought, and even began to hesitate to continue to invest in the network.

in contact with a lot of the site, the company’s management of the network to promote the attitude of almost giving up. The "one big" for the enterprise network promotion of the specific adjustment program. In fact, in this part of the network marketing, the key is to choose the right keywords. What words do for PPC, what word is not worth doing PPC, what price keyword needs to be placed in the first few pages or a few. These problems are the network marketing companies need to consider. For this enterprise, some popular and commonly used gas is not worth doing keyword bidding, because the price is too high. If you have to buy this kind of words, in the background of management, the company’s own control keywords ranking: the price of some of the most popular keywords ranking in the search results of the fourth, five pages, so the price low, but can also bring new customers. And those who are relatively rare, or slightly higher profits of the gas should buy the top keywords.

at present, new customers online bring new customers accounted for 50% of the total, business executives say for sure: This is money well spent! Most of the gas was operated by the company belongs to dangerous goods, sold only in areas surrounding the company, but because of the Internet marketing way, Beijing further.

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