How to spend the autumn video website

      in 2006, I spent some time to visit some video website manager, from their words, they clearly feel about the future of the ignorant and a sense of crisis. This year, the old video sharing website president Wang Weifang said, most video sites will die on the beach, and even the media therefore boasted 9 video sites will disappear. But now has come to the fourth quarter of 2007, the actual situation is not as bleak as the beginning of the forecast.

      analysis of the current situation, I think there should be a few facts worthy of attention. Whether it is doomed "80 business model" Mysee, capital of Chen Yizhou’s game player UUME video site, or the new vice president of Sohu Li Shanyou’s cool 6, they have a common characteristic, that is the very most sources of funds are risk investment. Why Mysee and UUME would fall down, while new entrants can cool 6 such stubborn stand, I think the reason is that the loser behind VC’s own advantage is not obvious, coupled with the manager’s lack of experience, has become an inevitable trend.

      Li Shanyou led the cool 6 investor is the most veteran investor DFJ, and an investment is $10 million, the old site investors are domestic investment projects up to the risks of investment IDG; the UUME investor Chen Yizhou oak group despite Lenovo investment such prudent investors, but the capital source is too dispersed. As for MySee, it is investing in the northern domestic investment is not a lot, but MySee, "80 entrepreneurs" high despite the smash hit, but in the video site of the "winter", it will not be possible as Li Shanyou and Koo, swim blade enough to spare in the network circle.

      however, whether with the above said good VC and a strong management, the video website can sleep without any anxiety? I believe that each video site managers will not be so confident. Because no one can really understand that it is necessary to go to their advertising or technology platform to determine how long the real size of the effect of income. While the income directly leads to an utterly inadequate measure of team instability and short-term speculative investors, that is how and when to sell, but how many buyers are willing to buy at least $15 million (Koo said the video site invest at least 1 hundred million yuan) of the website? The addition of two video sites, I believe that the total number of traffic from the video, are 1+1< 2 results. Then do such mergers and acquisitions, how much price can be accepted? The existence of these questions, we have not yet seen the emergence of large-scale transactions.

      these are still in the market in the video site, whether really like in the past some people say is "twins"

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