How to use QQ platform to do accurate marketing

QQ is a good marketing platform, QQ platform including QQ mailbox, QQ group, QQ space, QQ user base, this is the advantage of Tencent, now the small and medium-sized enterprises basically have their own official website, and micro-blog and QQ number. But how to make good use of the QQ platform to promote bearing products? The author of a friend is to do the bearing product sales, have their own enterprise station, in addition to do a good job of SEO optimization, and now want to expand the other promotion. The author of the bearing industry is not very understanding, but no matter what the promotion, to the customer’s own analysis without the Internet habits, how to find the potential customers on the Internet, which is the first step of the QQ platform product marketing. So the customer will be how to look for bearings on the Internet supplier? You can directly search for the relevant keywords in Baidu, you can find information on the B2C platform provider information, you can also look for information platform, such as 58 city information release platform. Specifically how to operate and implement it?

first step: collect the data of the marketing object


: HC search results

as shown above, search for "bearing" display results in HC online, there are many similar B2C information platform, in particular to an industry information platform, also can find some user data on the 58 city, can also direct search products bearing the relevant QQ group in QQ, but the user really need to spend a lot of time to collect data, user data is a process of accumulation. In the official website every day should have customer consultation, so you can collect these clients QQ number, if the enterprise has the official micro-blog account, you can use micro-blog to initiate some activities, do micro-blog promotion way to collect dive in the user’s QQ number. In a word, the collection of user data is the first step to do QQ marketing, then a few of these users add QQ number, QQ number, your QQ marketing platform that is set up, in fact, these customers typically know a lot of friends, so they can through the recognition of more potential customers. Of course, this requires a little benefit to these customers.

second step: make full use of the QQ platform

online business will encounter various problems, customers are most worried about is probably the integrity and quality of products, taking into account some bearing product suppliers are doing business locally, so when the user data collection and statistics, must be targeted. The second step is to build a good platform for how to use the QQ, specifically the establishment of QQ group, share QQ log, direct communication with customers, these three methods can be combined to share some of the bearing products, let your friends take care of your friends, usually go to space to step on to leave a message for what, how add a bit of interaction. QQ signature, QQ screen name can also be used, such as: QQ net name into a certain company, we must pay attention to is not to send some of the implanted advertising, so as not to cause the user’s anti

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