Circle of friends please dry after the first wet


is now so fire, marketing personnel also rushed up, can think of marketing play, a variety of Daniel, all of the great God, get together in public, and circle of friends.

especially the circle of friends, just a mess, all kinds of advertising, to push, they forget the WeChat marketing is the premise of marketing is the emotional marketing!


WeChat marketing, the most critical thing is not to sell products, in fact, harder to sell more, not the opposite.


The WeChat

design, basically acquaintances or have some contact circle of people, mostly not too ripe, these people may be your potential customers, you can also be a potential customer introducer. However, if you show them products every day, will inevitably lead to resentment.

WeChat now sell a lot of things, we may have experience. One is the product in the friends advertising, every day, Shishifa, people have to shield him. Shield is still to face, the possibility of direct deletion also, but because of the face to keep you, only to shield the circle of friends more. In this way, you will be able to see their own basic propaganda played.

there is a private advertising, which is more idiot fuck another is long; no contact, suddenly find you praise, praise your head ah, want to strangle him.

some people would argue that the circle of friends to sell things there are many examples of success ah. This is a successful case of too much, but we should remember that in the short term, your friends will accept your "cooked" advertising, the demand will take care of you, this time you can earn money; but for a long time? You every day the whole advertisement, this death at my own pace. Who is willing to, your circle of friends with advertising? Think about will understand.

so, Liu Yufan think: circle of friends to send advertising products in the short term may be acceptable to buy a friend, but for a long time, friends will slowly away from your circle of friends. Black is only a matter of time!

these are basic considerations. Circle of friends, we do not shield you, and occasionally send an ad we also understand, so as to play a promotional effect. Your content is good, your new friends will not leave you, but also for you to expand the number of WeChat friends.

focuses on the content to see the circle of friends. Content is the root of everything!

, however, rely on WeChat this tool, in general, it is difficult to open, because the number of your friends, after all, limited. So on the one hand to expand the number of friends, on the other hand to combine micro-blog.

WeChat is a friend to see, the news release to be precise. Micro-blog is for the whole, so it is the meaning of GF advertising. A small face, a big face. But micro-blog fans on your little, poor quality fans, it is difficult. So micro-blog also do well, the key lies in the content.

I didn’t sell it at WeChat

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