The horse refused to strong BS Chinese groom

    I just opened QQ, QQ in the message as the tide to me, a look at the content of the information is about the same, ask me why I hang the virus on the site, I TMD really wronged ah! I hang on my website, my head is broken? Quickly open the site, all the virus, TMD who did? Look at half of the loss of traffic, and finished in the QQ one apology, it seems that their website is still someone concerned (his smile).

      TMD think, really angry, horse people can make you want to die ah, some things do not, you can hang 163, sina QQ, ah, we put these in what station, we allow Italy Austria station, station in charge do not request those traffic advertising you will not be so poor, large point of advertising, you do not do their ads, they have sold traffic would not be hung up, now stationmaster net release (the horse refused to begin from me) activity is very good, I also want to join, I hope I can figure the king, ha ha. About half a day, hope not to delay your time, if your site has also been linked to a horse, help the top, do not want to nag, the last word, BS China these incompetent bully the groom! If the words hang Sina, Sohu!

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