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2016 is in the past, this year ICT industry insiders believe that all the people hear the word is the most AI (Artificial Intelligence), whether it is business or any media, and ICT side, how much should called AI. It is OUT too. But what about the actual situation?

called back. Here we take back this year is more important or cause the media and the industry for the AI attention or speculation several nodes or is a landmark event, and for the interpretation and extension of these landmark events will undoubtedly let us see the essence of AI.

, Google’s Alpha Go AI DeepMind neural network developed in Li Shishi and the world chess champion of the "man-machine war" with absolute advantage to win, and then led the industry for the attention of the AI, after AI began to appear frequently in the media and technology companies reported in


two, Google flagship AI driverless car accident and the first Tesla in roadside in Autopilot (automatic driving system) frequent fatal accidents, despite the negative news, but also to stimulate the industry to the attention of AI, and an automatic and unmanned vehicle enthusiastically reflected;

three, Amazon is equipped with Alex voice recognition technology Echo speaker and best-selling called the queen of the Internet "said the Mary Meeker released 2016 annual report for the Echo and network trend prediction of AI hot and good;

four, the U.S. presidential election called MogIA artificial intelligence system successfully predicted Trump will become the president of the United States;

five, is a graphics chip company or its soaring itself as the artificial Intelligent Company NVIDIA shares.

First we look at the Alpha

Go in go against what is Li Shishi really rely on? In fact for computers and human in the chess game, as early as 1997, the computer first beat level players ranked first in the world. Gary 2.5:3.5 Kasparov to 1 wins and 2 losses and 3 draws) are transmitted to the computer program "IBM blue", when the global media and high-tech industry exclamation mark into a new era of artificial intelligence. Prior to 1988, the last generation of "deep blue" is the first to win the chess grandmaster computer; in 1996, "deep blue" became the first to win the world champion chess computer. It needs to be explained. Blue weighs 1270 kilograms, 32 brains per second (microprocessor), can calculate the 200 million step, the input of more than and 100 years of outstanding players on the about two million.

Compared with

, AlphaGo initially by imitating human game player, try to match the past occupation player game, the database contains about 30 million moves, computing power is 30 thousand times the original "deep blue". What we see here is not as big as "deep blue"

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