Baidu, the U.S. group, hungry 13 takeaway platform stalls thing Food and drug administration has fil

Beijing food and drug administration intends to the United States mission, Baidu takeaway, hungry investigation

Beijing food and drug administration staff said that the U.S. group, the hungry 13 network ordering platform, Baidu takeaway, a large number of shops not review public duty, has to meet the conditions of filing, has fixed evidence will initiate an investigation. In the first half, the Beijing food and drug administration received three platform complaints reported in the United States, including the United States Mission Network of 92, hungry, and so on, Baidu, take out of the 59.

several well-known hotel chains have not publicized the license information

according to the food and drug administration, has not publicized evidence of fixed license information including: Sibelius shop village (Xiao Jun’s face, Tianwaitian shop) Roasted Duck shop, Meizhou snacks (Changping), Hallasan (Beijing Shunyi Hualian shop), KFC (Yungang stores, broad street shops, Xuanwumen shop) and win ZJS (Lu Gudian).

3· 15 has exposed CCTV this year; the first gun – [315 Party: " hungry " discovered the sinister workshops, watching you will be hungry mody… ], the boss open with his teeth into the ham sausage fried rice in, cook a finger into the pan with a soup is also still in front.

in the media exposure and public Crusade at the beginning of the ordering platform for collective high-profile rectification, always let people think this thing will be solved. But the reporter survey found that lasted two months, nearly 5 months later, 3· those undocumented, health worrying 15 sinister workshop exposure was still in us

Baidu takeaway 16 An "ecological kitchen" the total line rectification! Takeaway packaging often climb cockroach

yesterday, the Beijing News published the "Baidu" eco kitchen "expired" dishes do takeaway survey report, 17 meals, Gong big supper, ANN, Xiaolu home in the afternoon tea, taste the source of these top Baidu takeaway outlets on the food business types are different, is actually composed of the same line of food store outside the room.


store, or undocumented stately, or shared with other shop license. More than the use of expired food, vegetables, rice, hand scissors, a room full of cockroach…… After being exposed, Baidu takeaway 16 eco kitchen today, all offline rectification!

each filing will impose a fine of 200 thousand

Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration spokesman Tang Yunhua said that from today, the weekly media to provide several big takeaway platform not line list, not bright undocumented restaurant license list, combined with the social supervision and government supervision power. The takeaway platform entirely review obligations, shall be filed, each will be about 200 thousand of the fine case.

Do not use "

" takeaway platform of new industry "and" high tech "as an excuse to settled restaurant must try to review and rectification responsibility, what things have to give in front of people’s food safety and life safety."

Beijing food and drug administration official said, the future >

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