CN domain name registration and renewal rules of major adjustment

according to the CNNIC requirements, from December 20, 2007 onwards, the registration and renewal rule CN English domain were adjusted accordingly, that please carefully read the following changes:

1, registration rules adjustment:

since December 20, 2007, CN English domain name registration for up to 10 years. CN English domain name removed from the original 14 days, adjusted to 4 days. (the current discount in the CN English domain name does not provide a single deletion function).

two, renew regulation:

From December 20, 2007 to March 6, 2008 due to

CN English domain name will be retained for 15 days after the expiration of this period, you can renew it in accordance with the original price, at the same time we will charge 10 yuan / month overdue renewal fee. More than 15 days of domain name into the high redemption period, redemption period of 13 days. 28 days after the expiration of the domain name will be deleted at any time. After the expiration of the CN in March 6th will be in accordance with the English domain of the rules we will prevail.

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