From the QQ ban lifted.Cn suffix link Lenovo

is a network communication tool, when it will be March to our private conversation, how can such a product and how many people dare to use? QQ is not a specific version to the existence of such a phenomenon, so can not be regarded as the BUG program. From the reaction of.Cn was banned, yesterday to completely closed, what does this mean? TX care users feel? No! This is not my reaction to the problem! But our privacy


maybe TX doesn’t welcome my over sensitivity. But in reality, how many companies are using QQ as a platform for negotiations? How many people put their private information through QQ (including passwords, bank account) send out? If they pass through the TX server information, with "keyword filtering" classified saved. As a business, do you have any business secrets? As a private, you have any privacy can be maintained?

of course, I don’t doubt TX’s professionalism. But from this one solution, we have to think of such a possibility –

Google at the height of the sound of American law, rejected the government’s request to provide the personal information of users request; if one day TX will also use the scale of law, the government refused to provide (or track) contains a specific chat user data


I may be too worried, but this is a question to be discussed.

China is not a large number of outstanding enterprises, because we are still in development. And a highly developed enterprise, the most sensitive is the problem of information security. With the rapid development of the country, the domestic outstanding enterprises will be more and more, and after TX "a solution", if you have the courage of your business to rely on QQ

to talk business?

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