2011 Juhuasuan buy platform trading volume breaking the official opening of the independent domain n

December 28th, Juhuasuan group purchase platform Alibaba group announced its group purchase: 2011 the annual turnover exceeded 10 billion, reaching 10 billion 180 million yuan, 11 billion 50 million yuan, 10 million 830 thousand to help baidu. This was announced following the October 20th Alibaba group, Juhuasuan group purchase platform taobao.com owned by the company to form independent operation after the first answer to.

at the same time, Juhuasuan announced the official opening of the independent domain name juhuasuan.com.

by the end of December 27th, Juhuasuan (juhuasuan.com) 2011 total annual group purchase transaction has exceeded 10 billion yuan, reaching 10 billion 180 million yuan; has opened 41 city life service class idle away in seeking pleasure group purchase; 11 billion 50 million yuan to help the 10 million 830 thousand Baidu province; the number of independent visitors per day reached 12 million, the total population is equivalent to Guangzhou every day to 400 thousand of the country; a package can fill 380 aircraft, or 1460 trucks, finally 34 thousand couriers to customers, will receive 350 thousand of the user evaluation and scoring every day after the group purchase. Today, Juhuasuan has become the first choice for Internet consumers buy platform.

iResearch statistics, group purchase industry total transaction volume will reach 19 billion 600 million this year, Juhuasuan (juhuasuan.com) market share of more than 50%, group purchase platform occupy half of the country. Juhuasuan (juhuasuan.com) at the end of this paper for the recent misgivings about four of the group purchase field, is undoubtedly a tonic".

as the first to enter the market of the group purchase platform, March 22, 2010, Taobao group purchase Juhuasuan low-key on-line, initially in the commodity group, data show that in March 22nd last year on the line that day turnover was only 2094 yuan, while the end of 2010, the total turnover of the platform has more than 500 million; in 2011, Juhuasuan will be extended to the regional development of the commodity from the regional center of gravity the group purchase operations, the city station building from the provincial capital, first-tier cities radiation big consumer level three or four line city, growth of 20 times. Juhuasuan life service group a year from scratch, from zero to 180 million yuan in December, has become China’s leading life service platform.


(juhuasuan.com) growth data after independence more satisfactory, "shuangshier" single day turnover exceeded 282 million, one-day local life service exceeded ten million, daily sales of over a million 55, 54 single day turnover of over 1 million. The end of December 25th "a poly home goods" special purchases for the Spring Festival transactions amounted to 464 million weeks, to help consumers save 6 hundred million, the overall growth of 39% in December.

Yan Limin, general manager of Juhuasuan

pointed out that over the past year, Juhuasuan focus on the platform to build a platform for the purchase of the group, including the right to buy the industry’s credit evaluation system, logistics systems and support

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