Tencent jointly groupou incoming group purchase settled Gaopeng can be sold out

Groupou teamed Tencent began to enter the domestic market has been rumored to buy dust settled. It is understood that the Tencent and the groupou joint venture network domain has access, website information shows that, from the beginning of next week, Gaopeng officially operational. Gaopeng from Trinidad flatter, nevertheless, there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results wonderful and full network. "Friends", so naturally caused full network of discontent. People said that if Gaopeng caused violations in some aspects, the full network will take legal action in the end.

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(gaopeng.cn) has another tortuous experience domain in fact, why not choose the groupou.cn domain name, the domain name has been in the domestic group purchase website Groupon down early registration. But when the Tencent and to finalize the "Gaopeng", whether with full network confusion, to divert attention, also caused a lot of controversy. Therefore, in the domain name registration, true and false happy network will be staged again, but also caused public speculation.

domain name registration itself is also a great learning. The domain name of a high, there are people in the industry to express their views, from the point of view of domain name, domain name gaopeng.com from either meaning or spelling spelling memory, domain name can let the Chinese accept.

famous IDC China Nobel network www.nuo.cn said that in view of the groupou.Cn domain name was registered, all businesses to warn that should be associated with the brand name and trademark registration together, to avoid the omission of the domain name registration, so as not to dispute of domain name; the other shall confirm the ownership of the domain name. This requires you to fill in the domain name information to be very serious and careful, it is best to ensure that the domain name ownership of their own.

it is understood that China nets recently launched the.Com domain +250M domestic virtual hosting +10G 2 user enterprise global mail only 550 yuan preferential domain packages, awesome support domestic online shopping website.

A statement of

industry has been told that the management and operation of the Internet Co in the United States to adapt to the western mode it cannot adapt Chinese, because they do not understand the market and business thinking China China, groupou Google, MSN bound to repeat its predecessors, eBay Road, in the China market will have "Waterloo", not China spell.

however, groupou choose a joint venture with Tencent, the natural phase of QQ huge user resources and traffic, so as to achieve the purpose of the rapid occupation of the market. There is, the two sides set up a joint venture company, the operation of the new company is mainly responsible for the Groupon team, but by the Tencent who served as CEO. Therefore, Groupon is to create a local force to carry out the group buying business in China, which is obviously a deliberate, and in China is not impossible to occupy a place.

industry point of view, Tencent has come, which means that the market has begun to buy market recognition, change the disk is also quietly coming,

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