Jingdong super business formally launched a one-stop shopping experience to upgrade

May 6, 2013, Jingdong (JD.COM) super is in complete beta, formally meet with consumers, users can buy food and beverages, condiments and other daily necessities in Jingdong. The Jingdong will be moved to the supermarket line, but also Jingdong in the one-stop shopping platform strategic layout of the force again. Let consumers stay at home, you can easily achieve "soy sauce" and "beer" and other daily shopping needs.

It is reported that the Jingdong

, super first line of more than 5000 kinds of commodities, leisure products, involving water, grain and oil, seasoning, beverage, milk and other products category; these categories are closely related to the daily lives of consumers, can meet most of the demand. With the previous sale is different, now in the super Jingdong, a coke and a bottle of soy sauce, consumers can buy all Jingdong, home delivery.

Self built logistics advantage of

Jingdong favorable support for operators to develop super business, Jingdong is currently super in 132 counties nationwide will provide "service delivery speed limit of 211, which is 11:00 in the morning before the submission of spot order, served on the day; the night before 11:00 submitted orders now, second days before 15:00 delivery. Jingdong can self built logistics well to protect the user end to end users excellent experience, effectively avoid switching and breakage problems may arise in the process of distribution. In addition, the Jingdong in the super shopping full 39 yuan to free shipping, which greatly reduces the user’s consumption threshold; plus support cash on delivery service, can help users to achieve the "shopping more and faster, better and cheaper".

thanks for consumers has been the support of the Jingdong, the super line at the beginning of multiple rebate promotions. Shopping to send gold, 2 yuan cap of $second, half price, full discount discount, etc., more than a surprise Jingdong super home for you. Activity address: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/nSbGf7UPuc.html

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