How to distribute the electric pole Rookie logistics needs of rural nternet shopping

[Reuters] January 14th news billion state power network, said the rookie to billion state power network, Ali Festival announced the start of special purchases for the Spring Festival soon, soon rookie 5 provinces rural Tuhuo preparation into the main city National warehouse, the first batch of goods shipped in special purchases for the Spring Festival half, can meet the basic day or the next day.  

rookie network senior expert Yan Hao said, according to the goods during the festival special purchases for the Spring Festival, rookie through the analysis of the characteristics of the origin of the business, combined with large data prediction, inventory will put in the nearest consumers warehouse in advance, to ensure the realization of the day or the next day. "In addition to aging, from the origin of the goods to the rookie package library during the quality control requirements, the unqualified products re delivery warehousing, then confirmed delivery to consumers." He added.

billion state power network learned for the rural electric goods, not directly rookie distribution, but the use of the data system will be organized around the floor with the logistics company, and then build a rural distribution network. Currently, the rookie has opened up its rural logistics, urban warehouse distribution and cold chain logistics, enabling the country’s 8 largest storage base, to help farmers to shorten the logistics chain, reduce the loss of goods, reducing the cost of more than 30%.

rookie responsible person, and the characteristics of city rural consumers online shopping has a great difference, in addition to standard distribution services, rural consumers will have more personalized needs, such as the purchase of public shelters, poles and so on, these are ordinary express logistics enterprises unbearable. And now most courier companies can only be covered to the county’s distribution, the county to the rural part of the lack of effective electricity supplier logistics solutions, rookie rural logistics system is to solve this problem." The person in charge said.

it is understood that the rural logistics system rookie, the national average of county distribution to the Rural long coastal areas up to 13.4 hours, delivery time of about 8 hours, Gansu, Xinjiang, Tibet and aging etc. also the basic guarantee in 24 hours.

data show that as of 2015, with 128 positions with rookie logistics center, including supermarkets, fresh food, beauty, home appliances category dedicated warehouse, has established a covering more than and 270 counties and 13 thousand rural service stations in rural terminal network, so that farmers can enjoy the logistics services and the city as the.

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