Online shop a year experience

July is coming, the days passed quickly, remember this time last year I did not open shop, only in the online shopping, I would have to open shop plan, but has been hesitant, mainly because they do not take the goods back, also fear is sold, that not to lose, after all he had never done this, did not experience what ah. Moreover, in the online shopping to talk about credibility, credibility is the first choice, I buy things on the Internet is to look at the credibility of the evaluation.

finally I still opened this shop, in fact, this shop is in desperation opened, everyone knows that the financial storm, my company is affected because of layoffs, I became a member of the unfortunate. Later in the job frustration after the opening of the shop, anyway idle is idle, in order to find a better supply, so I was running around, looking for the satisfaction of wholesalers, finally pays off, easy to sell online in China, I find a good wholesaler. I confess to him that I was a novice, he learned that there is no opportunity to knock me a pen, but very active to help me to introduce the market at present the most popular the most popular clothing, and teach me how to take the goods with a plan, and his clothing quality is very good, I think my baby don’t sell go out.

shop in my efforts finally opened wildly beating gongs and drums before opening in, of course, I see a lot of good postings in the forum, to learn about some of the things I do not understand, let me benefit. The opening of the first day, I was very nervous, because I don’t know if you don’t love me baby, do not know can not be sold, so tense day imperceptibly passed, this day No one shows any interest in. Several days later, no one came, I would like to be sure that he has just opened a shop, no credibility, we do not feel at ease. At first I was a little nervous, a little worried, but I know that business can not be urgent, as long as we feel my sincerity and sincerity is not afraid of no one to buy. Finally, there are buyers asked, I was nervous, for fear of the buyers away, I carefully answered his questions, may be sincere with my heart touched him, I finally made a deal, I was very happy, although no money, but after all, is my first pen business, my hard work not in vain. With the first business, one after another, I did a few business, each buyer is very satisfied with my baby, the buyer is satisfied with my biggest wish.

though, so far, I have only two stars, but I believe that as long as it will adhere to the victory, I hope my baby can bring you surprise in July, they can sell a, ha ha.. This is my July points.


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